Mataco Features

Mataco™ is a secure cloud-based software service offering standards compliant business continuity plan implementation, management, exercise, audit and review.

Respond quickly to business disruptions – being able to access your business continuity plan(s) from wherever you are is critical. Mataco business continuity software enables you to store and maintain all your critical business data and plans in one place and access them from anywhere.

Collate critical business data easily – use Mataco’s Business Impact Analysis (BIA) survey to gather data on your critical activities and recovery requirements.

Ease of plan production – using Mataco’s business continuity plan wizard enables plans to be built quickly for any given scenario.

Improve control & reduce maintenance cost – business data edited in one place is then automatically updated in all business continuity plans containing the data.

Total flexibility – easily create business continuity plans for a range of scenarios and/or incidents; loss of a building, loss of a key activity, loss of a vital resource, loss of a critical supplier or any combination of these.

Use plan templates – Mataco business continuity software ensures a consistent look and feel to business continuity plans across your organisation.