Secure and available 24/7

Security is paramount whenever you implement a solution in a cloud-based environment. Mataco provides a secure and available 24/7 solution for your business continuity plans.

With Mataco™ security is a by-word for the way we designed and deployed the system.

Security of Access

We have deployed powerful security with strong password authentication and a secure https hosting environment.

The security protocols used by Mataco employ digital certificates that encrypt the communications in the same way (and using the same ‘strength’) as those employed by on-line banking and e-commerce checkout systems.

We provide you with extensive management and control functions – where you can define user permissions, to allow different levels of user access, to separate areas of data. We combine this with an audit function that tracks all changes made in Mataco and records all login attempts.

Data Availability & Security

We use Mataco to create and manage Savant’s own business continuity plan. Important aspects about Mataco are that it is delivered to you by a robust hosted service based in the UK. The Mataco databases are backed-up to two different locations and this is then used to create a further backup.

You can be assured we will keep the service operational.